About our Chapter

Our chapter currently meets from 8:55am-12:15pm on Thursday mornings at a church in Duluth. This year we have a Nursery, Pre-Grammar (ages 3-5), and 3 Grammar classes, which encompasses K-7th grades. We are covering Tour 2, and will continue on to Tour 3 next year (2022-2023).  We plan to expand to include the Dialectic (grades 7-9) program next year.  

Tour 3 Core Bundle Package-if you’d like more information on what materials are needed. Check with the Team Director before ordering, as there will be two bulk orders through our chapter.

Planning for the Dialectic Student-our chapter is expanding to include the Dialectic program in the 2022-2023 school year.  This encompasses grades 7-9.  Check out this link to see how this program dovetails with the Grammar program to continue family unity, while challenging the older students with their own materials.

Scope and Sequence for all Tours– this overview gives you the topics covered each cycle for each subject.